I’m back!

Hey, I’m back from Israel 🇮🇱!!!!!

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been writing it’s because of Israel and my phone was switched around a few days ago and we had to restart WordPress again 😭

But thankfully they saved my account and all my other posts😋

Today I’m gonna talk about nerves

I have a meningitis B booster vaccination on Saturday and I am quite nervous 😬

But then when I think about it in detail I’m kinda ok with it so it’s really just the thought that makes it scary

Take this for an example,

When I had some surgery last year today it was actually ok

Sorry guys I’ve got to go bye xxx

AVSDG xxxx



Hi guys I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while I just felt the urge to write again so here goes!😋


Last night I was feeling a little nervous so my mum sent me this quote,

Why worry,it steals your joy, it doesn’t fix anything. There are much better things to do in life!”

Is it just me or is this right!

My counsellor (who shall not be named)

Told me that I might not have to see her anymore, that made me freak out a little in my head but on the outside I didn’t show it.

There are other reasons we all worry as well, for example: I was a little nervous about getting a place in the school swimming gala because we were told to get in the pool and do certain things that the teacher told us to do. I didn’t get much sleep that night but…

I got in!!


Another reason was that it was my 11th birthday on the 20th January and me and my friends had an indoor skydiving party oh my goodness it looked so scary!!!😱 but here is what happened…

We loved it♥️!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t have much time to write now so I have to go ok?

Love you all♥️!!!!!!!


here is a question

hi guys here is a good question.

do you ever think “why me?”

I think that all the time.

it is just the question that bugs me day after day after day!

it is sooo annoying!

Here is what my mum says about it,

”why not you, maybe god only gives you the things in life that he thinks you can handle.”

That is really good advice,

she also says this,

”Claudia’s heart has taught me so much, I am embarrassed i am ever worried about the little things in life because her strength has taught me so much.”

Please leave your answer in the comments below and have a great day


remember remember the 5th of November!!

remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot!! Hi guys happy November!! as you might know this is my second blog so I am going to do the Christmas Day Challenge!!To those of you that don’t know what the (X’mas) or Christmas Day challenge is, well you pretty much have to blog about each day leading up until Christmas Day!So I decided that I should do it this year,It’s pretty much like an online diary, I like it it’s apparently really fun to do!!So I’m going to give it a try!!But let’s put that aside for now!!Here is a question,Who is a person you would never want to be unhappy? Please comment those people in the comment section over there and please follow me thank you soo much!!I think that the person that I would choose not to get upset is probably one of my best friends, she is one of the most important people I know!! And friend if you are reading this you are the most amazing girl I know, you are brilliant!! For now here are some ideas for Christmas presents just if you are a little stuck!!

    • Lush bath bombs!! Most people like a good relaxing bath with some bath bombs (just be careful with sensitive skins)
  • A good book, nothing beats a good read by the fire!!
  • Gift cards!! Yay, why don’t you make it a little easier for someone to shop!!
  • Chocolate!!!!!!!!! Most people like chocolate!! But if they don’t why hint you try some sweets for them!!
Ahh I love autumn(above)
Well I have got to wrap this up now so I will see you at Christmas
Speech from parents 

 murder on the orient express trailer 2017
out on the 3rd of November!!!!!!!!


  • hi, to anyone who is reading, this is a blog about trying to cope with things that happened to you that left precious memories behind. About the past and things that have happened to you that you can't change but you want to change. lets think of a scar, if you've had an accident or surgery of some sort, it usually leaves a scar. i have a scar that i am really self-conscious about.my 3rd operation was a really big moment in my life and it has had a really big impact on me!!
Great Ormond Street Hospital, was where i had my 3rd and my 4th operations.


my life was pretty normal since then, until i got anxiety.Then my
life changed. it was all started by a youtube video that might was the worst night was the worst night of my life!i couldn't sleep until about 2am (yes 2am!!)
eventually i gave up at trying to sleep and i went downstairs see my mum. i could hear the clicks of her laptop so i knew that she was down there. 
i told her i was feeling nervous so she said "thats ok sometimes people get a little nervous, so come and try to sleep in the dog basket in a sleeping bag!"i mean sleeping with your dog isn't that bad but it was still a little awkward. when i woke up the next morning i thought it was a 1 off,
every night after that was pretty much the same thing!!!
i even threw up a few times!! all because i was scared!!!!!!!!!
(to everyone who is reading this, please comment about how you feel when you get anxious) since then I've seen about 7 or 8 counsellors who have tried to help me the 2nd most recent one is the one i had to say goodbye to a few days ago because she was a school counsellor and she was leaving the school me and my friends were really upset because she was soon nice!!!!!!!! well she has taught me some really goo techniques  to help cam you down 

1. pinch your earlobes and breathe in and out 3 times (this really works!!!!!!!!!)
2.sit still like a frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to write a blog at least every month so i will see you soon
p.s please try the  techniques i wrote  down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

speech from mumxxx
what can I say I am the mum of the most courageous beautiful kind hearted girl.  She has overcome so many obstacles, never complains about her heart and takes part in sport and lives life to the full, horse riding, swimming, PE, dancing, drama to name but a few of her many hobbies.  Over to you sweet pea x